Cutter Tool Properties

The Cutter tool lets you cut out part of a drawing so that you can transform it, copy it or delete it. It also allows you to trim overshot lines.

NOTE To learn how to use the Cutter tool, see About the Cutter Tool.

Tool Options

Icon Property Description
Selection Mode

Allows you to choose the method to visually select multiple elements:

  • Lasso: Allows you to select multiple elements by drawing an irregular closed shape around them with your mouse.
  • Marquee: Allows you to select multiple elements by drawing a rectangle around them. This is faster, as you only need to drag your mouse from one corner of the rectangle to its opposite corner, but it may not be as precise as you want.
TIP You can press and hold the Alt key to temporarily use the other selection mode.
Easy Drag

When enabled, you can drag the selection by clicking anywhere inside its bounding box. By default, you must click on the artwork in the selection to be able to drag it.

Use Mouse Gesture

When this option is enabled along with the Lasso selection type, quickly drawing a line with the Cutter tool over a line segment in your artwork will instantly delete it. This can be useful if you want to use the Cutter tool to quickly clean up your artwork.

It allows you to cut in two modes as follows:

  • Single Line Cutting Gesture: It deletes first line segment over which a straight gesture is drawn with the cutter.
  • Multiple Lines Cutting Gesture: It deletes all line segments over which a straight gesture is drawn with the cutter.
NOTE This option will only work when using the Cutter tool on separate brush or pencil strokes. Hence, it is important not to flatten your artwork if you intend to use this option to clean up your drawings. This option has no effect on bitmap layers as the artwork in bitmap layers is always flattened.
Apply to Visible Drawing Layers

By default, the tool only works on the currently selected layer. When enabled, the tool will work on all the visible layers in the Camera view.

  • When this option is disabled, you can select several layers to use the tool on all the selected layers simultaneously.
  • This option only works in the Camera view.


Icon Property Description
Flip Horizontal Flips the current selection horizontally.
Flip Vertical Flips the current selection vertically.
Rotate 90 Degrees CW Rotates the current selection 90 degrees clockwise.
Rotate 90 Degrees CCW Rotates the current selection 90 degrees counter-clockwise.