File Menu

The File menu lets you open, close, save, scan, print, and import and export files.

Command Description


Creates a new scene while closing any scene already open. The New Scene dialog box opens, asking for directory, name, and resolution information.


Displays the Open Scene dialog box where you can browse for a scene file. You can open a new scene from the current one and the previous scene will close.

Open Recent

Displays a list of the most recently opened scenes.


Clears the list of recently opened scenes.


Closes the currently opened scene, but does not close the Harmony application.


Saves all changes made to the opened scene, drawings, palettes, and palette lists.

Manage Local Cache Opens the Manage Local Cache dialog, in which you can see all the Harmony Server database scenes that were cached locally, delete unused caches and check if the data in a scene's cache matches the data on the database server.
Save As

Saves the current file with a different name and at a different location.

Saves the current state of a scene as another scene. The Save As window prompts you for a new name and a different location for this scene before saving it. This will create a complete scene directory for the new scene.

NOTE The scene name cannot exceed 23 characters.
Save as New Version

Saves the current scene as another version. The Save Version dialog box prompts you to give a name for this new version. This will create a new .xstage file in your current project directory.



Opens the Acquire from Scanner window from which you can set parameters before scanning.



Imports bitmap images which you can choose to vectorize—see About Importing Bitmap Images.


Lets you convert a QuickTime movie to an image sequence and audio file.


Lets you import sound files into your project.

SWF, Illustrator Files to Library

Lets you import SWF files into your project.



Exports a scene as a bitmap image sequence. If there is sound in your scene, it will not be exported with the images.


Exports animation as a QuickTime movie—see Exporting a Movie File.


Exports a Flash movie file.

Harmony supports exporting Flash movie files with a limited subset of vector and bitmap effects, the latter which can be previewed in Render View mode.


Closes the application.