Windows Media Video Settings Dialog Box (Windows)

The WMV Settings dialog box allows you to configure the video and audio settings when exporting a movie in Windows Media Video (.wmv) format.

  • For tasks related to this dialog box, see Exporting a Movie File.
  • This dialog can only be accessed on Windows.
Parameter Description

Variable Bit Rate Quality

Allows you choose a quality setting ranging from 5 to 100 for the video stream. The higher the quality of the export, the larger the resulting file.

Uncheck this checkbox if you want to export a movie without an audio track.

NOTE The Sound section of this dialog is not available if you are exporting an EDL/AAF/XML sequence, as this type of export creates video files with no audio track and export sound clips in separate sound files.


Allows you to select one of the preset combinations of audio sample rates, sample sizes and channel modes for the audio stream:

  • Sample rate: Available sample rates are 8000 Hz, 16000 Hz, 22050 Hz and 44100 Hz. The higher the sample rate, the better the audio quality.

    NOTE Harmony cannot export audio at a higher sample rate than 22.050 kHz. If you select a higher sample rate, your project's audio will be upsampled, which means it will take more disc space without increasing in quality.
  • Sample size: Also known as bit depth, this determines the amount of precision used to record each wavelength in the audio track. The standard size is 16-bit. If you choose 8-bit, the amount of disk space the audio track of your movie file requires is halved, but the audio quality will be significantly lower.

    NOTE Exporting in 8-bit audio requires Apple QuickTime to be installed.
  • Channel mode: Available channel modes are Stereo and Mono. Stereo sound has a separate audio track for the left and the right speakers, whereas mono sound uses a single track for all speakers.