Import Images Dialog Box


The Import Images dialog box lets you import bitmap images and vectorize them, making the images editable. Then you can use a variety of drawing tools to edit the image. Or you can always keep the original bitmap image as is.

Also, you can choose to import bitmap images on bitmap or vector layers depending on your project..

For tasks related to this dialog box, see About Importing Bitmap Images.

Parameter Description



Lets you find and select images on your computer.


Create Layers(s)

Create layers for imported images.

Create Single Layer Named

Creates a new layer with the specified name and imports the images into it.

Create Layer(s) Based on Filenames

Creates a layer based on each unique filename prefix. For example, if you import three files named a-1.tga, a-2.tga and b-1.tga, this will create two layers, one named "a" and one named "b". Layer "a" will contain the two first images and "b" will contain the third one.

Add to Existing Layer

Imports the images into the specified layer. Note that you can only import into layers that are compatible with your import options. For example, if you're importing images as vector drawings, you can only import them into vector drawing layers.


Vectorize Image

Imports a drawing and converts it to a Toon Boom vector drawing.


Imports bitmaps as vector objects with their image as a bitmap texture. The resulting drawing can be drawn or erased over, but not repainted or tweaked.

Black and White

Vectorizes drawings with a solid black line. This creates a 100% vector-based drawing and paints it with the Vectorized Line colour swatch from your scene's palette.


Determines what values in the scanned image will be considered as part of the drawing, and what will be ignored and eliminated in the vectorized drawing. The lower the value, the darker the image and vice versa.


Determines how smooth the lines will be. The lower the value, the more detail will be retained. The higher the value, the more polished and easy to edit the lines will be.