Switching Between Preference Sets

Harmony comes preloaded with five different preference presets (referred to as preference sets), each tailored for a different kind of task. By default, the Basic preference set is used. You can choose which preference set to use in Preferences dialog.

A large part of the default settings in the different preference sets are the same. The following table describes which option is different depending in each preference set, and how:

Tab / Location


Preference Set
Basic Compositing Cutout Animation Paperless Animation Rigging
General Focus on Mouse Enter Off On On On On
Default Separate Position for Pegs Off Off On Off On
Stop-Motion Keyframes Off Off On Off On
Pencil Tool Properties Auto Close Gap On On On On Off
  • When you customize a preference manually, it is not saved to the current preference set. It is saved as an override for all preference sets.
  • Switching between preference sets only affects preferences that you have not manually customized yourself. This means, for example, that if you manually enable the Focus on Mouse Enter preference, this preference will no longer be affected when you switch to a different preference set.
  • To make all your preferences affected by the preference set you select again, you must reset your preferences—see Resetting Preferences.