Selecting Drawings to Display in Onion Skin

When you enable Onion Skin, by default, it will display two drawings before the current drawing and two drawings after the current drawing. You can adjust how many drawings before and after the current drawing to display. There are two methods to doing this:

  • Adjusting the Onion Skin handles in the Timeline view. When Onion Skin is enabled, a red handle and a green handle appear before and after the red playhead in the Timeline view. Those handles indicate and allow you to adjust the range of drawings displayed in the Onion Skin.

    Extend Onion Skin Preview

  • Using the toolbar buttons or menu commands to add or remove drawings from the Onion Skin one at a time.
NOTE If you choose to include drawings to display in the Onion Skin by drawing instead of by frame, you cannot use the Onion Skin handles in the Timeline view—see Selecting Drawings to Include in Onion Skin by Frames or by Drawings.