About the Stamp Tool

The Stamp tool allows you to create stamps out of drawings in your projects, then stamp those drawings over your artwork. You can click on your artwork to apply your stamp once, or draw a stroke with the Stamp tool, as you would with the Brush or Pencil tool, to apply the stamp repeatedly along the stroke.

A stamp can contain one or several drawings. When a stamp is made of multiple drawings, it will cycle through each one of its drawings each time it is stamped onto your artwork. Hence, when you draw a stroke with a multi-drawing stamp, you will see the stamp tool cycle through the sequence of drawings as you draw the stroke. The way the drawings in a multi-drawing stamp are cycled through can even be customized. Among other settings, you can make it cycle backward, stamp random drawings or even stamp only a specific drawing in the sequence.

Other than being able to easily re-use drawings, The Stamp tool can be used to streamline drawing if you need to draw something that requires a lot of repetitive detail, such as starry skies, grass, weather conditions or particle-type effects. For example, a stamp made of a few different drawings of a blade of grass can be used to draw a grass line by drawing a few strokes of that stamp over the same horizontal line. The ability to randomize the size, angle and distance of the stamping can give the result of using this procedure a more natural look.

  • To learn more about the Stamp tool properties, see Stamp Tool Properties
  • The Stamp tool replaces the Dynamic Brush option of the Brush tool in Harmony 15.0 and earlier.