Copying and Pasting Colours

There are three ways to copy and paste colour swatches:

  • Paste as New Colours: This create a new colour swatch with the same colour value, but with a different colour ID as the original swatch.
  • Paste as Clones: This creates a new colour swatch with the same colour value and the same colour ID as the original swatch.
  • Paste Colour Values: This replaces the colour values in the selected colour swatch with the colour values from the copied swatch.

Pasting a colour as a clone is useful if you’ve created a clone of a palette, then added a new swatch in the original palette, and need to add a swatch with the same colour ID in the clone palette.

NOTE A palette cannot have two swatches with the same colour ID. Hence, you can only paste colours as clones in a different palette than the ones the colours were copied from.

If, for any reason, you need to obtain the colour ID of your colour swatches, whether to make a reference table of them, or to compare the colour IDs of two swatches, you can copy the colour ID of a colour swatch to the clipboard. You cannot paste a colour ID anywhere on a colour swatch, but you can paste it in a text editor or a spreadsheet application for your own purposes.

A colour ID is a string of 16 hexadecimal digits, i.e.: 075cf5b552401130.