Displaying the Onion Skin for Other Layers in the Camera View

In the Camera view, when Onion Skin is enabled, the Onion Skin of the currently selected layer is always displayed. However, it is also possible to enable persistent Onion Skin on other layers in your scene. You can do this by clicking the Onion Skin button just left of individual layers in the Timeline view. When Onion Skin is enabled on specific layers, the Onion Skin for these layers display along with the Onion Skin of the current layer, allowing you use both as reference.

When you enable Onion Skin using the Onion Skin button in the Tools toolbar, persistent Onion Skin is automatically enabled on the currently selected layer. Hence, if you want to switch to a different layer and hide the Onion Skin for the layer you are no longer working on, you can also use the Onion Skin button next to that other layer to disable Onion Skin on it.

NOTE If you are using Onion Skin with a complex scene with a lot of drawing layers, such as in Cut-Out animation, there are more advanced techniques for displaying and hiding Onion Skin on multiple layers. For more information, see About Using Onion Skin in Cut-out Animation