Enabling or Disabling Solo Mode on a Layer

Solo Mode allows you to instantly and temporarily hide all layers except for the layer or layers you're currently working on. Solo Mode can be enabled on one or several layers, and works with the following logic:

  • If Solo Mode is not enabled on any layer, then all enabled layers are visible.
  • If Solo Mode is enabled on a single layer, then only this layer is visible and all others are hidden.
  • If Solo Mode is enabled on several layers, then only these layers are visible and all others are hidden.

While disabling a layer makes it invisible in the rendered image, enabling Solo Mode only affects the preview image in the Camera view.

  • If Solo Mode is enabled on a disabled layer, this layer will not be visible in the Camera view.
  • If a drawing layer is connected to an inverted Cutter effect, you must enable Solo Mode on both the drawing layer and the Cutter effect for them to be visible.

If you have Solo Mode enabled on many layers and you want to quickly go back to only seeing one layer, you can quickly disable Solo Mode on all but one layers, and enable Solo Mode on that layer.

If you want to quickly turn off Solo Mode for all layers it has been enabled on, you can do so by clicking on the Toggle solo mode on or off button in the Layers toolbar of the Timeline View.