Enabling Cache on Individual Nodes

You can make any node that outputs an image cache its output image. This can be useful if an element contains a very complex vector drawing or 3D model.

To enable caching on a node, all you need to do is to enable the Cached parameter in its layer properties. You can also toggle caching for one or several nodes simultaneously using the Node Caching toolbar.

TIP You can find which nodes in your scene impact Harmony performance to most, and hence, which nodes might be more beneficial to cache, by enabling Debug mode. This will display the amount of times each node is traversed by Harmony, as well as the amount of milliseconds they take to render, next to each Node in the Node view. To enable Debug mode, simply select Help > Debug from the top menu.
NOTE If you enable cache on a Composite, it will cache each of its input images individually instead of its output image—see Enabling Cache on Every Rig In a Scene.