Toon Boom Harmony 17.0.3 Release Notes

Here is the list of changes in Harmony 17.0.3, build (2020-12-16):


Harmony does not natively support the new Apple M1 chip. On systems using the new Apple M1 chip, Harmony runs through Apple’s Rosetta 2. This may cause compatibility issues when running on the new ARM-based macOS systems.

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved the Line Thickness rendering option to be resolution independent. There are now three options available to compute the line thickness when rendering:

    • Scale Dependent: Line thickness varies based on the scale of drawing elements as well as the camera position.
    • Scale Independent: Line thickness is not affected by the scale of the drawing element or the position of the camera. This new option renders lines with the same width no matter the resolution at which the scene is rendered.
    • Scale Independent (Legacy): Line thickness is not affected by the scale of the drawing element or the position of the camera. Changing resolution changes the visual thickness when rendering. This option is provided for backward compatibility.
  • Final frames, Other Directories and Libraries options can now be unchecked when using the Export to Offline option in Control Center, reducing the size of exported scenes.

  • Improved performance when exporting importing scenes through WebCC on Linux and macOS servers.

  • tbdbserver closes tables that remain unused for a short period to free resources on the server.

  • It is now possible to list only locks matching a given key by using the -s option when using the dblock utility.

  • The shortcuts.conf file can now be placed in the user's home directory in addition to the applications etc folder. Harmony will attempt to read the file from the home folder before the applications etc folder.

  • New maxQp parameter available in the WebCCExporter scripting class to set the level of compression used when generating movies with OpenH264 through scripting.


The following issues have been fixed in this release of Harmony:

  • Crash on macOS Big Sur when selecting the Tool Properties tab while the Brush, Pencil or Eraser tool is active.
  • Harmony freezes when editing an element’s name in layer properties on macOS 10.14 or later.
  • Importing a PSD using the Individuals Layers option does not work properly when layer groups contain non alphanumeric characters.
  • Importing a PSD as Toon Boom Bitmap or Vector does not work when using the “Individual Layers” option.
  • Poor performance when drawing with the Brush tool on some on some Mac systems.
  • Temporary files created in the ToonBoomSessionTempDir, when importing PSD files or using a script, are not deleted if a Wacom driver is installed on Windows.
  • Ignore Parents and Parent's Name options of the Transformation Limit node are ignored if there is a Transformation Switch node.
  • Poor performance when rotating a peg that uses curves that are shared with other nodes.
  • Interlaced 16-bit per channel PNG are not read properly.
  • Random crash when using the Transform tool with an Animated-Matte-Generator.
  • Crash when using Solo mode in a scene that contains deformers.
  • The Creating Breaking Triangles command has no effect on lines thinner than 4.5.
  • Frames are missing from imported video when its frame rate is 23.976.
  • Deformations can cause the opacity to lower on random pixels on a deformed drawing.
  • Crash when rendering a scene on systems with 64 CPU cores or more.
  • Crash when batch rendering a scene with a 3D model and a Transparency node.
  • The -renderThread option has no effect when batch rendering.
  • Delay when drawing using Pencil Textures when the scene is on a server.
  • Drawings can be lost when using the Update Database Scene command if elements were renamed or duplicated.
  • Drawing elements are missing when exporting scenes using Control Center, on macOS 10.15 or later, with a remote database.
  • The Update Database Scene command sometimes fails with high latency connections.
  • Batch rendering crashes when Harmony’s preference file cannot be read.
  • The Download Database Changes command in Harmony can corrupt scenes and has been removed from the File menu.
  • Listing all the palettes in the palette browser is really slow when there is a large number of them.
  • WebCC doesn't work with new versions of Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Chrome.

  • WebCC sometimes crashes when listing scenes to import if corruption occurred during upload.

  • Exporting a scene using WebCC does not work if the scene was never saved in Harmony.

  • Random issue causes scenes exported from WebCC to fail to open in Harmony.

  • The timestamp used by WebCC when creating temporary folders during an export uses minutes as it is the smallest unit.

  • script does not work on Catalina.

  • The plugin ScriptingInterfaces doesn't load when rendering in batch, resulting in the render queue to report "Process completed. Composite session returned with an unknown status”.

  • Harmony crashes when running the TB_sceneAboutToClose script and that no scene is opened.

  • Running a script in batch returns an exit code of 100 when there is no database token in the license.

  • Control Center does not return anything when running a script through telnet.

  • func.addCtrlPointAfterPath3d changes the point before the one that it inserted.

  • The Pose Copier Paste button has to be clicked multiple times to work with some template.

  • TB_RecolorDrawings.js does not work with colour palettes created using the color_vectorize option.