Setting Properties for Many Layers

When working with several nodes/layers, you may need to change certain properties for a lot of layers at once. For example, you may want to:

  • Make all your Drawing layers to use 3D Path type position functions.
  • Make all your Peg layers to use Separate type position functions.
  • Make all your Drawing layers to apply their embedded pivot on their parent pegs.
  • Disable animation on all your Drawing layers.
  • Set the mode of all your Composite layers to Pass Through.
  • Disable specific art layers on several Drawing layers.

This is common for cut-out productions that need a lot of layers in their character rigs to have a specific configuration.

The Set Properties for Many Layers dialog allows you to select several layers and to change the following properties for all the layers in your selection:

  • 3D Path or Separate mode
  • Use Embedded Pivot
  • Overlay On/Off
  • Line Art On/Off
  • Colour Art On/Off
  • Underlay On/Off
  • Animate Using Animation Tools
  • Composite Mode