Uploading Scenes Back to WebCC

Once you are done working on the local copy of a scene, you must re-import it back into the Harmony Server database to make your changes accessible to other users.

The following restrictions apply to importing scenes in WebCC:

  • Although it is possible to export several scenes at the same time, scenes can only be re-imported individually.
  • Users who do not have administrative privileges must be assigned a scene before they can export or re-import it—see User Types and Restrictions in WebCC and Assigning Scenes to Users in WebCC.
  • You cannot import a scene that was checked out by another user.
  • Scenes cannot be uploaded or downloaded using a tablet.
  • If you want to export or import environments, jobs and scenes for archiving, you must use the Control Center. WebCC is designed to allow remote project collaborators to work on individual scenes.
NOTE Importing your scene into WebCC will cause the thumbnail and preview movie to be automatically regenerated. It may take a few minutes for the thumbnail and preview movie to update.
TIP When you no longer need the stored packages in the exchange folder, delete them from the User Exchange folder to keep your storage space organized avoid taking up too much disk space.