Troubleshooting Client Connections on Windows

If your client is unable to connect to the database, verify that you are able to navigate the location of the database share in an Explorer window by typing its UNC path in the address bar. For example, if the database is hosted on a server named harmonyserver, try to open the following location:


If you get a password prompt, this means the connection is successful, but Harmony is unable to connect to the database either because it was configured to use the wrong credentials, that the database server service is not running on the server machine or that it's refusing connections because of the firewall.

If you are getting an error, the problem may be on the client side. A possible cause for this problem is that SMB 1.0/CIFS is disabled on your machine. Disabling this protocol is usually done as an extra security precaution, but Harmony requires it to connect to a Harmony database.