Configuring Resolution Presets for Environments or Jobs

It is possible to create resolution preset lists specifically for environment and for jobs. This allows you to make certain resolution presets only available if the scene is for a project that is appropriate for it. To do this, simply create a resolution presets file, either in regular format or XML format, in the appropriate location:

  • To create a resolution presets list for an environment, create the list in:

    /USA_DB/environments/<environment name>/resolution.conf,

    Replace <environment name> with the name of the environment.

  • To create a resolution presets list for a job, create the list in:

    /USA_DB/db_jobs/<job name>/resolution.conf

    Replace <job name> with the name of the job.

NOTE You can also name the file resolution.xml and create your resolution presets in XML format—see About Resolution Presets in XML Format.

If several resolution preset lists are available for a scene, for example, if the scene's job, the scene's environment and the database all have their own resolution preset lists, all those lists will be combined, making all of the presets in all of these lists available for the scene.

If the same preset is present in two resolution preset lists, it will only appear once in the list of available resolution presets, so there will not be any duplicate.

If a preset with the same name, but different properties, is listed in more than one of the resolution presets lists, the one at the lowest level will be used. For example, if the resolution preset lists for the scene's job, its environment and its database all contain a preset named 4K, the preset for the scene's job will be used. If the preset is only in the scene's environment presets list and in database presets list, the one in the environment's presets list will be used.

If you do not want to have scene presets that can be used across all environments and jobs, you can delete the resolution presets file for your database. When you open a scene, Harmony will automatically look for a resolution presets file for the database, for the scene's environment and for the scene's job. If it finds a resolution presets in any of these locations, it will use it. If it does not find resolution presets in any of these three locations, it will display the following error message: