Pdfimport Utility

PDF Import (Pdfimport) allows you to import a Portable Document File (.pdf) or Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file as a Harmony template without going through the user interface, allows more control and flexibility over the results.

NOTE Since a Harmony template is a folder containing a scene, this command outputs several files inside a folder. If the target folder exists, it will not overwrite the whole folder, but it will overwrite the files inside it.


Pdfimport [options] <.pdf or .ai files>


Pdfimport -PDF_GENERATE_COLOUR_ART -outdir "C:\Users\username\Documents\Toon Boom Harmony Advanced Library" BG-1.ai BG-2.ai




-outdir output_folder

The path to the directory where to store the template. A new directory will be created in the specified directory, named after the imported .pdf or .ai file followed with the extension .tpl. The template filles will be stored in that new directory.

NOTE You should use this option to specify the output directory if you're specifying several .ai or .pdf files, as their final output directory will be automatically named based on their original file names.

-outtemplate output_folder.tpl

The path to the template directory in which to store the template. The template files will be stored directly inside the specified directory.

NOTE Since this option does not use the name of the imported file to determine the output directory, you can only specify a single .ai or .pdf file when using this option.
NOTE The -outdir and -outtemplate options are mutually exclusive.


This option will automatically convert CMYK colours to RGB. By default CMYK colours are imported as solid red.


If this option is not enabled and CMYK colours are in the .pdf or .ai file, they will be imported as solid red, and the utility will output the following warning:

CMYK: Unsupported colorSpace


Uses the Illustrator top level groups as separate layer names.


Flattens each drawing.

-PDF_LINE_ART_STROKE Makes the contours of vector shapes "strokes". Contrary to a regular contour, a stroke will remain in the drawing even if it is unpainted.

Breaks the brush strokes composing the line art at their intersection, making a separate colour zones for each segment of the line art. This allows the ink & paint artist to easily paint different parts of the lineart with different colours.

NOTE This option implies -PDF_GENERATE_COLOUR_ART.

Creates strokes based on the centrelines of the line art and stores them in the colour art layer, making empty colour zones that can easily be filled with the Paint tool.

-PDF_ALLOW_UNICODE Allows the use of Unicode-exclusive characters in layer names.
-usage Displays a list of parameters with their description. 


Displays the help information.

-v|-version|--version n

Displays the version information.