Disabling Animation Keyframe Creation When Transforming Elements


By default, when you move, rotate, scale or skew elements in your scene using the Transform tool or any of the Advanced Animation tools, Harmony records the position of that element at the current frame into a keyframe. This means that, if you transform the same element on several frames, it will become animated. This is because the Animate mode of Harmony is set to Animate Current Frame by default, to facilitate animation.

When staging a scene, you usually want to position, rotate, scale and skew elements throughout the length of the scene, not just at the current frame. It is possible to do this by setting the Animate mode to Animate Off. When Animate Off mode is selected, any transformations you make to layers, pegs deformations or other elements to your scene using the Transform tool or the Advanced Animation tool is applied across your entire scene, without creating a keyframe at the current frame.

If you set the Animate mode to Animate Off and reposition an element that is already animated, the element will be offset on every existing keyframe for this element, offsetting its entire animation. This can be very useful if you need to reposition, rotate or scale an element after having animated it.