Importing Scripts


To use scripts prepared by other users, transfer the .js files from the computer where the scripts were created to the one that you intend to use. Then use the Script Editor to import the .js files from where they are saved on your computer.

When working with Harmony Stand Alone, scripts that you created while working on a scene or imported are available for all other projects created on the same computer; there's no need for any kind of transfer or import. You can find your custom, default and imported scripts in:

  • When you import a script, any user interface (.ui) or icon (.png) file that is in the same directory and has the same filename as the script will also be imported.
  • When using Harmony Stand Alone, user scripts are stored in the following location:

    • Windows: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom HarmonyAdvanced\1600-scripts
    • macOS: /Users/[username]/Library/Preferences/Toon Boom Animation/Toon Boom HarmonyAdvanced/1600-scripts
    • GNU/Linux: /home/[username]/Toon Boom Animation/Toon Boom HarmonyAdvanced/1600-scripts

    When using Harmony Server, user scripts are stored in the following location, depending on the level at which you save them:

    • User: /USA_DB/users/[username]/Harmony Advanced/1600-scripts
    • Job: /USA_DB/jobs/[job_name]
    • Environment: /USA_DB/environments/[environment name]
    • Global: /USA_DB/scripts