Editing a Script Packaged with Harmony

Harmony comes pre-installed with a lot of scripts. These scripts are stored in a read-only location among other files that are packaged by Harmony. Hence, by default, they cannot be edited.

To edit a script that was installed with Harmony, you must copy it to a location where it can be edited. This can easily be done by using the Make Editable button of the Script Editor view. This button creates a copy of the script and stores it in a location where you can make changes to it. Meanwhile, the original copy of the script remains untouched, and it is possible to revert to it later if you want.

  • Some buttons and menu items in the Harmony user interface run scripts that are packaged with Harmony. Hence, making changes to scripts packaged with Harmony may impact its functionality.
  • NOTE If you make unwanted changes to a script that was packaged with Harmony, you can restore its original version—see Restoring a Harmony Script