Advanced Animation Toolbar

The Advanced Animation toolbar contains tools to position and animate layers. The Scale, Translate and Rotate tools can be used to reposition the permanent pivot position of a layer. Unlike the Transform tool, each tool in the Advanced Animation toolbar performs a single operation, either rotate, scale, translate or scale in relation to the camera distance.

Icon Tool Name Description


Lets you move the selected element along the X and Y axes.


Turns a selected element around its pivot point.


Increases or decreases the size of a selected element. You can scale an object up to make it larger or down to make it smaller. Press Shift to scale the element while maintaining its proportions.


Slants the selected element.

Maintain Size Keeps elements the same size aspect ratio in the Camera view as you move them towards or away from the camera.

Spline Offset

Lets you reposition the visual trajectory without offsetting or modifying your animation. By default, the trajectory is located at 0,0,0 fields. If your elements were drawn in a different location than the centre of the drawing area, it will look like the trajectory is not aligned with your drawing. Also, if you have several elements attached to one trajectory, you might want your trajectory to be at a different location to represent the group's motion better.