Close Gap Tool Properties

The paint tool requires the area you attempt to fill to be closed in order to know exactly what area of your artwork must be filled. However, it is common for artists to accidentally leave small gaps in their artwork.

The Close Gap tool allows you to quickly close small gaps in a shape by creating an invisible stroke connecting two extremities of the gap. You can then fill the area using the Paint tool, as this invisible stroke will be taken in account to determine the outline of the shape to fill.

TIP You do not need to use the Close Gap tool with precision. If you draw a crude stroke near the gap you want to close, the tool will automatically detect the two closest line extremities and will draw an invisible straight line connecting them. closing the gap between them.

Stroke Tool Properties View

NOTE To learn how to use the Close Gap tool, see Closing Gaps.

Tool Options

Icon Property Description

Auto Flatten

The Close Gap tool creates an invisible drawing stroke to close the shape. Enabling this option will merge the stroke into the artwork instead of adding the stroke on top of it.

NOTE The area you close with the Close Gap tool will be fillable regardless of whether or not this option is enabled.