Windows Menu

The Windows menu lets you customize your workspace to suit your working style, save it as a new workspace, and load it from the Workspace toolbar. You can also show or hide the different toolbars and views in Harmony.

Command Description

Restore Default Workspace

Returns modified workspaces to their original default layout if you do not like the current modifications or inadvertently closed some windows.


Workspace Manager

Opens the Workspace Manager where you can modify, create, delete, rename and reorder your workspaces.

Save Workspace

Saves the current workspace along with any modifications you made.

Save Workspace As...

Saves the workspace as a new version to avoid overwriting the current one.


Lets you open workspaces designed specifically for animating, compositing, hand drawing, scripting and the default workspace.


Lets you show or hide these toolbars: Tool Presets, Art Layer, Playback, File, Edit, Advanced Animation, Scripting, Tools, Flip, Onion Skin, Mark Drawing, Easy Flipping, Workspace, Deformation, Camera View, Xsheet View and Timeline View.


Shows or hides the Camera view.


Shows or hides the Colour view.


Shows or hides the Drawing view.


Shows or hides the Function view.

Layer Properties

Shows or hides the Layer Properties view.


Shows or hides the Library view.

Message Log

Shows or hides the Message Log view.


Shows or hides the Model view.


Shows or hides the Perspective view.


Shows or hides the Side view.


Shows or hides the Timeline view.

Tool Properties

Shows or hides the Tool Properties view.


Shows or hides the Top view.


Shows or hides the Xsheet view.

Integrated Help

Shows or hides the Integrated Help view.
Metadata Editor Shows or Hides the Metadata Editor view.

Script Editor

Shows or hides the Script Editor view.