Scripts Manager Dialog Box

The Scripts Manager dialog allows you to create buttons in the Scripting toolbar. Each button you create can run a specific function in one of your scripts. You can also choose an icon and a tool tip for the button, if you want.

NOTE For tasks related to this dialog box, see Adding Scripts as Toolbar Buttons.
Parameter Description


A list of the available JavaScript files.


A list of the available functions for the selected script.

In Toolbar

The list of script functions already added to the Scripting toolbar.


Runs the selected function.

TIP Press Esc to interrupt the execution of the script.

Customize Icon

Allows you to select an icon for the toolbar button. Clicking on this button will open an Open dialog prompting you to browse for and select a .png, .jpg, .xpm or .svg file.

Customize Tooltip

Allows you to type in a custom tooltip for the toolbar button.