Marker Colour Dialog Box

The Marker Colour dialog box lets you set the colour of scene markers that are displayed at the top of the Timeline view (in the frame counter area). Using colours for scene markers helps to differentiate them visually, making them easy to identify in the Timeline view.

You can select a colour by choosing from a basic set of colours, using the colour wheel or by specifying the HSV or RGB values. Once you have selected a colour, you can adjust its intensity and save it as a custom colour that you can reuse.


Parameter Description

Basic colours

A basic set of colours to choose from.

Custom colours

Displays the custom colours you previously stored using the Add to Custom Colours button.

Add to custom colours

Lets you add the selected colour to the Custom colours list above.

Colour wheel

Lets you select a colour by dragging the T-shaped pointer.

Value slider

Once you select a colour, you can drag the slider to change the intensity and see it previewed in the Colour Preview window below..

Colour Preview

Displays the colour you are currently selecting. To apply the colour, click OK.

Hue, Saturation, Value

Lets you set the hue (colour), saturation (amount of colour) and brightness (value) of the colour.

Red, Green, Blue

Lets you set the red, green and blue values.