About Saving in Harmony Stand Alone

It is important to regularly save your scene. As you make changes to a scene, an asterisk (*) appears in the title bar beside the scene name to indicate that the scene contains unsaved changes.

To save the current state of a scene as another scene, you can use the Save As command. The Save As window prompts you to give a new name and choose a different location to this scene before saving it. This will create a complete scene directory for the new scene. The Save As command is not available in Harmony Server.

It is quite frequent, when working on a scene, to try out different timings, effects, camera motions or parameters to see which one will work best. Harmony allows you to save several versions of the same scene.

You can also automatically save your work by enabling Auto-Save.

IMPORTANT When a scene has several versions, the drawings and palettes are the same between all the different scene versions. You can modify the timing, effects, parameters and camera motions in a specific scene version, but if you make change to a drawing or a palette, the change will affect all scene versions.