Selecting Drawings to Display in Advanced Onion Skin

Contrary to regular Onion Skin, Advanced Onion Skin allows you to select drawings to display in the Onion Skin one by one, even if those drawings are not contiguous. This is done using the toggle buttons at the top of the Onion Skin view:

Each switch represents a drawing before or after the drawing in the current frame. For example, if you toggle switches 1 and 3 on in the previous drawings switches, toggle switch 2 on in the next drawing switches, and toggle all other switches off, it will show the first and third drawing before the current drawing as well as the second drawing after the current drawing in the Onion Skin.

Often, you will want to toggle whole spans of drawings on or off. For example, all 10 previous and next drawings switches are toggled on by default, but you may only want to use 2 or 3 drawings before and after the current frame as references. Toggling all of these switches off one by one would be tedious. Fortunately, you can quickly toggle a span of drawings on or off by clicking and holding one of the switches, then sliding your mouse cursor over all the other switches you want to toggle.