Marking Key, Breakdown and In-Between Drawings


Using the toolbar in the Xsheet view, you can mark your drawings as Key or Breakdown drawings, or In-Between.

If you add the Mark Drawing toolbar to your workspace, you can also mark your drawings as RetakeKey, RetakeBD (Retake Breakdown) and RetakeIB (Retake In-Between), which is an efficient way for someone in charge of verifying an animator's work to mark the drawings they want the animator to do over. You can also use this toolbar to mark drawings with any custom marker you created, if needed—see Creating Custom Drawing Markers

  • Marking a drawing as an In-between actually removes its marker. All unmarked drawings are considered in-betweens.
  • You cannot mark an empty cell. You can only mark an existing drawing. Hence, you must create your drawings before marking them.
  • A marker is assigned to a drawing, not a frame. If a drawing is exposed several times in a scene, marking this drawing will make every instance of it marked.