Displaying Drawing Thumbnails in the Timeline View


In the Timeline view, it is possible to preview the drawings in your scene by enabling the display of thumbnails for your drawing layers. You can display the thumbnail for all drawing layers or for individual drawing layers. This allows you to preview the drawing in the current frame as well as drawings exposed in every frame of your scene, which can be useful for managing your drawings and for adjusting their timing.

You can enable Thumbnails for all drawing layers simultaneously or for individual drawing layers. When thumbnails are displayed for a layer, the Timeline view also displays the name of each drawing as well as the amount of frames on which each drawing is exposed for that layer. Enabling thumbnails on a layer also gives access to that layer's Opacity parameter in the left panel of the Timeline view.

Even when thumbnails are displayed for a layer, it is likely that you won't be able to see the full thumbnails for individual drawings that are exposed over 1 or 2 frames because, by default, frames are not large enough to display their thumbnails. To make the frames larger so that thumbnails have enough horizontal space to be displayed, you must zoom in on the Timeline view.

NOTE When zoomed in on the Timeline view, you can tweak the exposure of your drawing by dragging the edges of the drawings with your mouse cursor. This is especially useful when displaying thumbnails as you can visually adjust the timing of your animation. For more information, see About Rippling and Overwriting the Exposure in the Timeline View.