Displaying the Onion Skin for Other Layers in the Drawing View

By default, the Drawing view only displays the drawing in the current layer. However, if you enable the Light Table, drawings in other layers will be displayed in the Drawing view as well. You can then enable the Enable Onion Skin in Other Elements option to display the Onion Skin for these other layers.

With the Enable Onion Skin in Other Elements option, for each drawing in the current layer that is displayed in the Onion Skin, the drawing in other layers that are aligned with this drawing is also displayed. Hence, the drawings in the Onion Skin for other layers are always aligned in time with the drawings in the Onion Skin for the current layer.

NOTE To help you differentiate the different layers in the Onion Skin, while the Onion Skin for the current layer is displayed in red for previous drawings and green for next drawings, the Onion Skin for inferior layers is displayed in yellow, and the Onion Skin for superior layers is displayed in blue.