Displaying Only Key Drawings, Breakdowns or In-Betweens in Onion Skin

If you have a lot of drawings and only want to display certain kinds of drawings in the Onion Skin, you can make the Onion Skin only include drawings that have been marked as keyframes or breakdowns and ignore all the in-betweens. Likewise, you can also make the Onion Skin only display drawings that are not marked (in-betweens) and ignore key drawings and breakdowns.

In order to be able to do this, you must properly mark your drawings first—see About Marked Drawings.

NOTE If you make the Onion Skin only display specific kinds of drawings, the Onion Skin will automatically select the drawings to display by drawing rather than by frame, and will only take drawings of the selected types in account. For example, if the Onion Skin is set to include two drawings before and after the current frame, and is set to only display key drawings, it will display the two nearest key drawings before the current frame and the two nearest key drawings after the current frame.

For more information about selecting drawings by frame or by drawing, see Selecting Drawings to Include in Onion Skin by Frames or by Drawings.