About Advanced Onion Skin

Advanced Onion Skin is a special mode for Harmony's Onion Skin future. It is very similar to regular Onion Skin, except with two main key differences:

  • You can select which drawings to display in the Onion Skin one by one, and exclude some specific drawings. With regular Onion Skin, you can only choose to include a span of drawings before and after the current frame.
  • You can quickly adjust the opacity of the drawings in the Onion Skin, either by adjusting the opacity scale for all the drawings, or the opacity level of individual drawings.

Hence, Advanced Onion Skin is useful in situations where you need extra control on which drawings display in the Onion Skin and when you need to fine-tune how visible each drawing is.

Advanced Onion Skin is configured using the Onion Skin view. This view contains some options that apply to both styles of Onion Skin. However, it has drawing visibility switches and opacity sliders that are specifically designed for use with Advanced Onion Skin.

This section will teach you how to use the Onion Skin view to enable and configure Advanced Onion Skin.