Animating, Repositioning or Transforming an Element Over Several Frames

By default, when you use the Transform tool or the Advanced Animation tool to reposition an element, its coordinates are changed in the current frame only. However, it is possible to move, rotate, scale and skew an element on several keyframes simultaneously. This is done by changing the Animate mode.

There are three different Animate modes:

  • Animate Current Frame: When you transform an element, its position, angle, scale and skew are stored in a keyframe at the current frame. This means that a keyframe is created at the current frame, if there is not one already.
  • Animate Onion Skin Range: When you transform an element, the transformation is applied to every frame in the Onion Skin. This means that it is applied to every keyframe inside the Onion Skin range, and, if needed, keyframes are created at the beginning and the end of the Onion Skin to preserve the transformations you make.
  • Animate Off: When you transform an element, the transformation is applied throughout the entire scene. If the element has keyframes, the transformation is applied to all of these keyframes. No keyframe is automatically created when using this mode.