Adding a Pencil Line Texture

You can create your own pencil textures by first creating an image file containing the texture, either in Harmony or in a third party software, then importing it to your pencil texture palette.

A pencil texture must be created with transparency, as Harmony will only use the image's transparency channel to determine how to apply the texture to your pencil lines. Hence, pencil textures can be in image format that are supported by Harmony and which supports transparency: .png, .tga, .tif, .psd, .psb and .sgi.

A pencil texture can be of any size, but the bigger the image resolution, the thicker the lines you can draw with it without seeing pixels. The pencil texture will follow your pencil lines on their horizontal axis, like so:


If you are using Harmony Server, make sure you have the rights to modify the selected palette by doing one of the following:

  • In the Colour view, make sure the Edit Palette Mode toggle button is pressed in.
  • In the palette list of the Colour view, right-click on the selected palette and select either Get Rights to Modify Palette or Get Rights to Modify All Palettes.
  • From the Colour view menu , select Palettes > Get Rights to Modify Palette or Get Rights to Modify All Palettes.