Pencil Texture Palettes

Just like colours used by your drawings, pencil textures are stored in pencil texture swatches, which are stored in pencil texture palettes. Because pencil lines drawn with pencil textures are linked to the pencil texture in their pencil texture palette, pencil textures can be shared and updated just as easily as colours in your Harmony project.

For example, you can create the texture palette for your character in your character model's scene, then make scenes that include this character link to that character's pencil texture palette, as you can with their colour palette, to make sure both their colour and line textures are the same throughout your project. For more information, see About Advanced Palette Management.

Just as with colour palettes, you can update a swatch in a pencil texture palette with a different texture, and the pencil lines that are drawn with this texture will update with the new texture. This means your pencil textures can always be subjected to revisions.

When you create a new scene, your palette list will be preloaded with a default colour palette and a default texture palette, the latter which is contains some sample pencil textures. If you wish, you can use these textures for your project, you can build on this palette and add new textures as needed, or you can create your own texture palette, loaded with only your custom textures, to use across your project. You can configure Harmony to create new scenes with your own custom pencil texture palette.

NOTE The following topics will introduce you to the basics of creating and using pencil texture palettes. For more information on creating and managing swatches and palettes, see About Colour Swatches and About Palettes.