About the Centerline Editor


The Centerline Editor allows you to tweak and reshape brush strokes by manipulating their centre line rather than their contour. This gives you a flexibility that is similar to the one you have when using the Contour Editor tool to manipulate pencil lines.

In Harmony, pencil lines are composed of a centreline, to which the thickness and colour is added by the application. This makes it easy to edit pencil lines with the Contour Editor, as you can tweak their centreline, and their contour will . Brush strokes, however, are stored as their outer shape. Therefore, using the contour editor on a brush strokes does not allow you to edit the center line of the stroke, but rather, its contours.

The Centerline Editor tool creates a center line for a brush stroke, and gives you access to control points and Bezier handles for this center line, allowing you to deform the brush stroke the same way you can deform a pencil line using the Contour Editor.

Keep in mind that brush strokes are vector shapes with a fill. As such, the Centerline Editor must do guess work to figure out the centreline of your brush strokes, and apply deformations on its shape as you tweak its control points. The Centerline Editor will not be able to make a accurate centreline out of brush strokes that merge together, that look scrambled or that otherwise do not have a clear direction.

NOTE If you use the Centerline Editor on a textured brush stroke, it will deform the texture to make it fit the new shape of the stroke. Keep in mind that this will resample its texture, which may make it lose quality.
  • If you use the Centerline Editor to deform a closed brush stroke with a fill inside it, the fill will not be reshaped to fit the new shape of the brush stroke.
  • NOTE To learn more about the Centerline Editor tool options, see Centerline Editor Tool Properties.