About Exporting Palettes

It is important to understand what is happening to a palette file when the scene is exported.

Because of the Harmony client-server configuration, all of the data can be shared through all of the scenes in the database. This also includes the palette files, even if they are stored at the Element, Scene, Job, Drawing or Environment level. The palette files can be accessed from any scene of any project.

When you export scenes from Harmony to either archive or send them to other users or studios, you can choose to export it with palettes stored in the scene's own job or environment, but if your scene uses palettes stored in other jobs, environments, or in any other location, those palettes will not be exported. Hence, if you wish to use the same palette for several scenes, it is recommended to store that palette at the environment or job level to avoid ever facing a situation where a scene no longer has access to its palette.

For example, in the following chart, if you export Scene 2 from Job 1, the package will carry the palettes from Scene 2, Job 1 and Environment. It WILL NOT carry the palettes from Element 3 in Scene 1, Scene 1 and Job 2. If Scene 2 was linked to any of these, the system will create a recovery palette the next time Scene 2 is opened in another Harmony system.

Toon Boom Harmony Palette Explort Structure within the Database