About Harmony Server

Harmony is a team-based infrastructure for animation production. Its array of cutting-edge features increases productivity and encourages creativity. Developed in conjunction with leading studios worldwide, Harmony is specifically designed for long-term episodic and feature length projects, providing a true animation pipeline. Several animators can work simultaneously on the same scene while the asset library provides users with easy access to up-to-date media assets.

Harmony is truly scalable; more than 100 staging clients can share animation just as easily as a few can. Whether you are a start-up studio or a large established animation facility, Harmony serves as the animation backbone ensuring sustainability and growth.

Harmony is a powerful solution that brings together multiple teams working on the same project, whether in-house or remotely. The Harmony solution offers a robust asset management system that enables users to quickly locate assets, share tasks on complex scenes and centralize all assets in a common repository. Tremendous gains in efficiency and quality are made by the teams, who enjoy a smooth flow between each task, and more time dedicated to their creative assignments.

What is Harmony Server ?

At the heart of the Harmony Server solution is the server itself, which centralizes all the production assets in a repository. Loaded with production proven tools to manage administration tasks, the server is completely flexible and will fit in with your existing infrastructure, whether you're on Windows, Mac or Linux.

What is WebCC?

WebCC is a web server suite that essentially allows you to host your Harmony database on the Internet, letting freelancers and off-site contributors work on your production from any location with Internet access. Users can browse your Harmony database using a web browser, download scenes, work on the downloaded scenes locally using their copy of Harmony, then upload their changes back to the database.

Because it is entirely web-based, WebCC users do not need to be directly connected to the Harmony server nor to have a Harmony Server license to use WebCC. All they need is a web browser, as well as a licensed copy of Harmony Stand Alone to work on the scenes they download.

WebCC can however also be used on machines that are connected to the Harmony database server, as a complement to Control Center. In this case, scenes can be opened directly from WebCC in Harmony, without having to download them first.