Configuring Palette, Texture and Image Remapping

In order to be able to automatically remap palettes, textures and images after exporting or importing scenes, you must create remapping presets.

A remapping preset determines the path in which to look for palettes, textures and linked drawings in the scene. These presets can be made to remap the path for all palettes, textures or linked drawings in the scene, or to only remap paths that match certain patterns.

You can configure several presets. You will be prompted to apply one (or none) of the configured remapping presets when opening a scene in Harmony Stand Alone and when importing a scene in Control Center.

To support a workflow where you export scenes from a database, work on them offline then reimport them into the database, you should at least have one preset to remap the assets to a path on your computer after you exported a scene, and one to remap them back to their original path in the database after you reimport them.