Changing Scene Stages in Control Center

The Change Status command allows you to change the approval stage name of a selected scene that is in Manual approval mode. You can also create customized approval stages that reflect the approval process in your production environment.

A scene's status is a method of tracking its progress in your production; the scene's current status does not stop you from advancing the scene to other stages.

Changing a scene's status and making manual approvals allows you to assign and change a scene's approval stages to keep track of its current status. For example, if you have a scene whose drawings are being scanned, you will mark it as the Scan stage. After you begin adding colour to these line drawings, you can change the scene's stage to Paint. If the selected scene has an automatic approval policy, the Change Stage command will be inactive in the Scene menu. To change a scene's status, you must ensure that the approval policy is set to Manual.