About the usabatch User Account

The usabatch user account is the go-to account used by Harmony for batch processing and background services. It can exist on two levels:

  • As a Harmony Server account on your database. This user account processes all batch processing tasks such as rendering scenes and vectorizing drawings. If this user does not exist, the batch processing service will not be able to perform these tasks.
  • As a user account on your machine's operating system. This user account is created during the configuration of your machine to connect to the Harmony database and run background services. Without this user, background services will not be able to launch, be them the batch processing service or services such as the database server or the WebCC server.

    NOTEThe creation of the usabatch user account on the operating system is not required if you are running background services using Service Launcher, which launches on user log-in under the logged-in user's account. For more information, see About Service Launcher.

On the Harmony database, usabatch is automatically created when creating the database's base file system. If this user is deleted, you can create it again. Make sure its username is usabatch and that its user type is one with all privileges, such as R & D, Coordinator, Supervisor, Executive or TD—see Adding Users in Control Center

On Windows, the user usabatch is automatically created when you install a service using the Configuration Wizard. On macOS and GNU/Linux, the creation of the user usabatch is part of the procedure for installing a background service in the Installation Guide—see Harmony Installation Guide .