Toon Boom Harmony 15.0.5 Release Notes

Here is a list of changes in Harmony 15.0.5, build 13929.


Colour Management

Feature Description
Colour Space for Original Bitmaps

If you have an element that uses original bitmap images that are not tagged with their colour space, you can now set whether to display the image in a Linear, sRGB or Rec.709 colour space.

To do this, open your element's Layer Properties and, in the Drawing tab, set the Colour Space parameter to the desired colour space—see Element / Drawing Node.

3D Models

Feature Description
Colour Alembic Harmony now supports Alembic (.abc) 3D models with vertex colours, provided that they are exported from Autodesk Maya with the Write Color Sets option—see Exporting 3D Objects for Harmony.


Feature Description
Export Layout

The maximum size of images exported with the Export Layout dialog has been increased from 10000 to 524288.

The maximum scaling of images exported with the Export Layout dialog has been increased from 999% to 10000%.


Feature Description
Automatic Preview Generation

WebCC will now automatically regenerate the thumbnail and the preview movie of a scene after it has been updated, whether by importing the scene into WebCC or by updating it directly from Harmony.

Custom script on scene update

You can now configure WebCC to automatically run a custom shell script or executable when a scene is updated. This is done by storing the path to the script or executable in the environment variable WEBCC_POST_IMPORT_SCRIPT on the WebCC server. This command will be executed with the environment, job and scene name as its command line parameters, in that order.


Feature Description
Closing Scene Script When closing a scene, Harmony will now automatically run the script TB_sceneAboutToClose.js. This script is executed after saving the scene, but right before closing the scene. By default, the script does nothing, but you can customize it with routines that you want Harmony to run each time a scene closes—see Harmony Scripting Interface Reference.
Save As

The saveAs() method has been added to the scene global object to allow saving the scene under a new name via scripting—see Harmony Scripting Interface Reference.

Clear Art Layer The clearArt() method was added to the DrawingTools global object. It can be used to empty a specific art layer in a specific drawing—see Harmony Scripting Interface Reference.
Remove Metadata The removeMetadata() method was added to the scene global object. It can be used to remove an entry from the scene's metadata—see Harmony Scripting Interface Reference.
Examples for Node Methods Examples of how to use the methods of the node global object to the scripting API documentationt—see Harmony Scripting Interface Reference.


  • It is now possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to the Rename by Frame command. This shortcut is in the General section of the Shortcuts tab of the Preferences dialog.
  • Optimized the Colour Selector node to reduce its impact on rendering time.
  • The script TB_PL_IBINKPencil_to_brush.js, which can be used to convert the pencil lines to brush strokes in multiple drawings, now displays a progress bar while processing the drawings
  • Installation on Windows is now faster. The installer no longer registers the fonts packaged with Harmony in the Windows font database.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue causing artwork drawn with a Wacom Stylus/Cintiq tablet to be offset on Windows, since the Wacom driver update 6.3.30-6.
  • Fixed issue where having two drawing tablets connected to the machine would cause one of them to offset the stylus input.
  • Fixed occasional random crash when running Harmony on GNU/Linux.
  • Fixed issue causing unwanted extra lines to appear when using a bone deformation on a layer with the Preserve Line Thickness property enabled.
  • Fixed crash when exporting a layout image larger than 45000 pixels in width or height.
  • Fixed issue causing a Transformation Switch to break when pasting a pose onto a character rig using the Pose Copier.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when undoing the creation of a layer after toggling between selecting the Transform tool and the Brush tool.
  • Fixed issue where Master Controller node could cause Harmony to slow down or freeze in heavy scenes if the Master Controller node was connected to an input image.

    NOTEAs a side effect of this fix, Master Controller nodes will no longer run scripts in their Softrender tab.
  • Fixed rendering issues when using a 3D composite in Seamless Bitmap mode.
  • Fixed issue causing some 3D models with both top-level and sub-node animations to appear as hairlines in the Camera view, in the OpenGL preview.
  • Fixed issue where Harmony would crash when using the scripting interface to create an empty table widget in a dialog.
  • Fixed issue where the Action.validate() method would report an action as disabled when no responder is specified.
  • Fixed issue where exporting a layout image for a scene with layers that have been moved on the z-axis would render them in the wrong position.
  • Fixed issue where using the TB_PL_IBINK_no_colorart script would not work on layers that do not have a drawing in the first frame.
  • Fixed issue where thumbnails would not appear in the Library view when using Harmony in trial mode.
  • Fixed issue where creating colour art from line art would not clear the colour art layer first if the line art is made with pencil lines only.
  • Fixed issue where exporting the OpenGL preview of a scene as a QuickTime movie using the exporter.exportOGLToQuicktime() method would ignore the EXPORTOGL_LAUNCH_PLAYER preference which, when set to true, automatically opens the movie in a movie player and, when set to false, renders the movie without opening it.
  • Fixed issue where exporting the OpenGL preview of a scene as a QuickTime movie using the exporter.exportOGLToQuicktime() method would offset the starting frame by 1.
  • Fixed issue where a Radial-Zoom-Blur node with a blurriness value set to 0 would slow down the rendering of the scene.
  • Fixed issue causing the script manager to fail detecting and listing the functions inside an encrypted script.
  • Fixed issue causing some elements under deformation nodes to be invisible when rendered on Windows.
  • Fixed issue causing Harmony to try to renew an expired subscription license when launched in Trial mode in Japanese.