Toon Boom Harmony 15.0.3 Release Notes

IMPORTANTIf you use Harmony as a WebCC client, you must enter the full URL including protocol, domain name and port number of the WebCC server in the General tab of the Preferences dialog before you can download and upload changes made to a scene via Harmony—see Configuring Harmony to Perform Partial Updates with WebCC.

Here is the list of changes in Harmony Premium 15.0.3, build 13585:



Feature Description
Ortholock Node Rotation Axis Added a preference to the Ortholock to rotate the input image only on the x-axis or on the y-axis. By default, the Ortholock node will rotate the input image on both axes. For more information, see OrthoLock Node.


Feature Description
Support for SSL in Harmony

Harmony is now able to update scenes exported from WebCC even if the server only accepts SSL connections. If the WebCC server requires SSL, you must specify it in the General tab of the Preferences dialog by adding https:// before the name of the WebCC server. You can now configure Harmony to use the full URL to your WebCC server, instead of entering the hostname and the port number separately—see Configuring Harmony to Perform Partial Updates with WebCC.

For Harmony to be able to validate the certificate of the WebCC server, you may have to configure the WebCC server with the root CA certificate and/or its intermediate. You can now do this by launching WebCC with the following parameter:

-ca <path to root CA/intermediate certificate>

If you want to specify the root CA and its intermediates, you can use the -ca parameter several times, once for each certificate you need to specify.

For more information, see:

Permission to import and export any scene for animators

It is now possible to override the security restriction on Animator-type users requiring them to be assigned to a scene before they can export and import it. This can be done by running WebCC with the following command line parameter:

-permission animator import_export_any_scene on

For more information, see:


Feature Description

The following changes were made to the utransform utility:

  • The -flatten_scale parameter has been added. Using this parameter with a scaling factor will scale up the input drawing by this factor, flatten it, then scale it back down to its original size. This can be used to preserve texture quality when flattening drawings containing textured brush strokes. If the pixels of different strokes are not aligned, scaling them up before flattening them will prevent them from becoming blurry.

    NOTEAs of Harmony 15.0.0, the pixels in textured brush strokes are aligned by default, except when brush strokes are transformed with the selected tool.
  • When flattening a drawing with textures, with either the -flatten or -flatten_scale parameter, utransform will clean up old textures from the drawing file and only keep the flattened texture, significantly reducing the file size of the drawing.

For more information, see utransform Utility.


Feature Description
Get and set scene start frame and stop frame

The getStartFrame(), getStopFrame(), setStartFrame() and setStopFrame() methods have been added to the scene global object—see Harmony Scripting Interface Reference.



Harmony will now remember whether the Onion Skinning by Drawing option is enabled between sessions.

This option can be enabled by doing one of the following:

  • In the top menu, select View > Onion Skin > Onion Skinning by Drawing.
  • In the top-left corner of the Camera view, open the Camera view menu and select View > Onion Skin > Onion Skinning by Drawing.

Harmony will now remember whether the Xsheet's Enable Playback option is enabled between sessions.

This option can be enabled by opening the Xhseet view menu in the top-left corner of the Xsheet and selected View > Enable Playback.

Significantly increased the speed of template creation on Windows.
Flattening drawings with textured vector brushes will now discard unused textures in the drawing files, reducing their file size.

Increased the precision of colour art generation by scaling up the line art before generating the colour art, then scaling both art layers back down.

By default, this is done by scaling the artwork by 4 times before generating the colour art. This factor can be adjusted by setting the hidden parameter LINE_ART_TO_COLOUR_ART_FIT_SCALE to the preferred factor. This can be done by running the following code in the Harmony Script Editor, replacing <preferred factor> with an integer:

preferences.setDouble("LINE_ART_TO_COLOUR_ART_FIT_SCALE", <preferred factor>);
Harmony now only initializes the machine's printer when attempting to print instead of when launching the application. If the machine's printer has driver issues, this will prevent such issues from occurring systematically when launching Harmony.
Removed the Distribute to Layers command from the contextual menu of the Camera view, so that tablet users will not accidentally select it.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue causing the frame rate to drop or vary when playing a scene with sound enabled..
  • Fixed crash when attempting to play a scene containing a missing sound file.
  • Fixed crash when logging in to Control Center with an Archive, Xsheet, Scan, Ink & Paint or Animator type user.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to copy an Element node that is not linked to an element.
  • Fixed memory leak when rendering Portable Network Graphic (.png) images in 16 bits/channel, referred to as PNGDP3 and PNGDP4 in the Write node properties.
  • Fixed issue causing the Ortholock node to rotate the image on the z-axis.

    NOTE To avoid affecting the rendered image for existing scenes, existing Ortholock nodes will still rotate their input image on the z-axis . To fix this issue in an existing scene, you must replace the existing Ortholock node with a new Ortholock node.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tool Properties view for the Brush tool would not always update when switching from a vector layer to a bitmap layer or vice versa.
  • Fixed issue when pasting keyframes from an action template into an Animated Matte Generator would not work.
  • Fixed issue where, in rare cases, some drawing layers would be invisible when opening scenes created in Harmony 14.0.