Toon Boom Harmony 15.0.2 Release Notes

Here is the list of changes in Harmony Premium 15.0.2, build 13407:



Feature Description
Drawing Substitution Create Key Exposure

A new preference, Create Key Exposure, was added to the Drawing Substitution section of the Timeline tab in the Preferences dialog. This option is enabled by default.

When enabled, swapping a drawing with another one using the Drawing Substitution panel of the library view creates a key exposure at the current frame. This means that even if the drawing at the current frame is the same one as the drawing in the previous frame, there will be a key exposure at the current frame. This was the default behaviour in previous versions.

When disabled, a key exposure is added to the current frame only if the drawing in the drawing in the current frame is different from the drawing in the previous frames. Hence, if you use drawing substitution to change the drawing at the current frame to be the same drawing as the one in the previous frame, the current frame's exposure will merge with the exposure behind it.

See Timeline Preferences for more information.


Feature Description

The following changes were made to the ConsolidateDb utility:

  • Duplicate elements that get emptied by ConsolidateDb will be automatically deleted, even if the -removeEmptyElements option is not specified.
  • The -removeEmptyElements option will now remove any element in the scene that is empty and unused, even if they were not emptied by ConsolidateDb.
  • The -removeUnusedElements option will remove any element in the scene that is not linked to a layer or node.
  • The -ignoreElementPalettes option will force ConsolidateDb to delete empty elements even if they contain palette files, which it does not do by default.

See ConsolidateDb Utility for more information.


Feature Description
Optimize Artwork The optimize function was added to the DrawingTools global object, which can be used to optimize a drawing.
Flatten Artwork The flatten function was added to the DrawingTools global object, which can be used to flatten a drawing.
Check Files The Check Files command located in the Scene top menu can now be executed through scripting using the checkFiles function of the scene global object. The information it reports can be customized by passing options to it in an object.
Image Information

The new CELIO global object allows you to obtain information, such as the dimensions, bit depth, amount of channels and type of an image file.

For Photoshop Document (.psd) files specifically, it is able to obtain the path, name, dimensions, visibility setting and position in the list of each layer in the file.

For more information, see Harmony Scripting Interface Reference.


The parameters of default eraser for bitmap layers have been optimized for performance.
Enhanced the display quality of bitmap drawings in the OpenGL preview of the Drawing and Camera views when the artwork is zoomed in at a level between 100% and 350%.
Added scroll bar to Animated Matte Generator view when the view is too small for its content.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when searching for an asset in the Library view.

  • Fixed crash when selecting a disabled layer using the Select Parent (B) or Select Child (Shift + B) keyboard shortcuts.

  • Fixed issues where using the Go to Previous Column (H) or Go to next Column (J) keyboard shortcuts to cycle through layers would often skip layers if some layers are disabled.

  • Fixed issue where zooming in or out, then copying and pasting artwork in a bitmap layer using the Cutter or Select tool would cause the artwork to be pasted in the wrong position.

  • Fixed issue where attempting to give a scene a name with more than 23 characters with the Save As command would fail even if the Allow Unicode Names preference is enabled, which also allows long scene names.

  • Fixed an issue where database corruption could occur with scene version tables.

  • Fixed issue where a Colour-Override effect's individual colour overrides would be broken if they referred to palettes that are stored at the job or environment level, when doing either of the following:

    • Exporting a scene from WebCC and opening it in Harmony Stand Alone.
    • Updating a scene exported from WebCC on the database with changes made in Harmony Stand Alone.

  • Fixed error occurring when using the Download Database Change command if the database scene contains new layers.

  • Fixed issue where layers created in scenes exported from WebCC would get disconnected from their element and become invisible after the scene was imported back into WebCC, then exported again.

  • Fixed issue where a Colour-Override's individual colour override would appear to be missing if from a palette stored on a different drive than the application's installation drive on Windows.

  • Fixed issue where accessing the webcc-api section of the Developer Help menu in WebCC would lead to an error page.

  • Fixed issue where, when attempting to add a Supervisor type user in Control Center, the OK button would be greyed out unless the user type was selected after inputting the user's name.

  • When launching Harmony in database mode and browsing the database for a scene, the Version drop-down is now greyed out until a scene is selected. Attempting to open this drop-down when no scene was selected would cause an error message.

  • Fixed issue where the Colour Wheel type colour editor for effects would only allow negative values down to -254 instead of -255.