Script Editor View

The Scripting view allows you to edit scripts to run in Harmony directly from the application. It displays a list of available scripts, from which you can select an existing script, edit it, test it and save it. The Script Editor will highlight the syntax of your script for easy reading.

NOTETo learn more about scripting in Harmony, see About Scripting

Script Editor View

Parameter Description

The location of the scripts you are editing. The script editor can list, open and edit scripts from the two following scopes:

  • User: Scripts are saved alongside your user preferences. Those scripts can loaded, executed and edited in any scene, but only as the currently logged in user.
  • Scene: Scripts are saved to the scripts subfolder of the currently opened scene. This scope is for scripts that should be used in the scene specifically, but should be available to any user that opens the scene. This is especially useful if you want to create Master Controller or Script Node scripts for a template that will be copied into other scenes.

When using Harmony Stand Alone, user scripts are stored in the following location:

  • Windows: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony Premium\1500-scripts
  • macOS: /Users/[username]/Library/Preferences/Toon Boom Animation/Toon Boom Harmony Premium/1500-scripts
  • GNU/Linux: /home/[username]/Toon Boom Animation/Toon Boom Harmony Premium/1500-scripts

When using Harmony Server, user scripts are stored in the following location, depending on the level at which you save them:

  • User: /USA_DB/users/[username]/Harmony Premium/1500-scripts
  • Job: /USA_DB/jobs/[job_name]
  • Environment: /USA_DB/environments/[environment name]
  • Global: /USA_DB/scripts

Script list

The list of script files. Selecting a script will open it in the editor and allow you to make changes to it.

NOTEThe << Sandbox >> item at the top of the list does not correspond to an actual script file. It is a temporary container to type and test code, but changes to the sandbox will not be saved.


A syntax highlighting text editor in which the script is loaded and can be edited.

Search toolbar

Allows you to search for a keyword within the script.


Verifies that the script has no syntax error.


Save the modifications to the script to its corresponding script file.