Game Skinning Toolbar

The Game toolbar contains tools for setting anchors and props, as well as exporting to sprite sheets and Easel JS.

TIPWhen working with the Game Skinning toolbar, you should add the Metadata Editor view to your workspace . The Metadata Editor view allows you to view and edit the metadate used for gaming for the scene and for the selected layer—see Metadata Editor View
NOTEFor tasks related to this toolbar, see About Game Character Skins.
Icon Tool Name Description
Add Skin

Opens the Add New Skin dialog, which allows you to create new skins on the selected layers—see Add New Skin Dialog Box.

NOTEAdding a skin does not load it on the selected layers. You must use the Set Skin or Load Skin button to load a skin, even one you just created.

Set Skin

Allows you to select and apply a skin on the selected layers. This will change the drawings in the selected layers to the drawings for the selected skin.

Load Skin

Allows you to select and apply a skin on all the layers. This will change the drawings in the entire rig to the drawings for the selected skin.
Save Skin

Updates the currently loaded skin with the drawings currently exposed on your character's layers.

NOTEIf you have renamed one of your scene markers before clicking on this button, you will be prompted to indicate the new name of the scene marker.
Rename Skin

Allows you to enter a new name for one of skins on all the selected layers simultaneously—see Rename Skin Dialog Box.

Remove Skin Allows you to delete one of the skins from all the selected layers simultaneously.
Add Group

Allows you to add the selected layers to a group—see Add New Group Dialog Box.

Assign Group Shortcuts

Opens the Assign Group Shortcuts dialog. This allows you to associate each group in your character rig to a group selection keyboard shortcut—see Assign Shortcuts Dialog Box.

NOTEIn the Assign Shortcuts dialog, keyboard shortcuts are identified by a number ranging from 1 to 10. Those numbers correspond to the shortcuts in the Gaming Section of the Shortcuts tab of the Preferences dialog.
Remove Group Allows you to remove a group from the selected layers.