Deformation Switch Node

The Deformation-Switch (Legacy) node acts as a on and off switch for the deformation chain. It is used when building legacy multi-pose rigs. It is also the node which controls the Region of Influence Fade area. The Deformation-Switch also displays a Kinematic Chain Selection Reference option, which allows you to modify the chain selection directly in the Timeline view.

The Deformation-Switch has been replaced with the Transformation-Switch node.


Parameter Description

Allows you to enable or disable the node. When disabled, a node has no visible effect on the rendered image, nor on the preview in the Camera, Perspective, Side and Top views.

Colour Swatch

Sets the colour of the layer in the Timeline view and of the node in the Node view.

Name Use this field to rename the node.
Vector Quality

Defines the quality of the deformation effect when your drawings are stretched and deformed. There are five levels of quality:

Very High (default value)
Influence Fade Exponent

A value of 1 is similar to a linear curve. A higher value will result in an ease-in type of curve. A lower value will result in an ease-out type of curve.

Fade Inside Region This option is disabled by default. Thefade effect will occur outside the zone of influence. Enable this option to have the fade effect inside the Zone of Influence—see About Regions of Influence.
Enable Deformation Acts as an on/off switch for the deformation. The value of this field is set to 1 by default, which means the deformation is enabled. Enter a value of 0 to disable it.
Kinematic Chain Selection Reference Determines which chain is selected and used at a specific frame. It is a reference to the option in the Deformation-Composite node. Having this reference in the Deformation-Switch node allows you to use and modify the chain selection value directly in the Timeline view since the Deformation-Composite node is only visible in the Node view.