Transformation Switch Node

The Transformation-Switch node acts as a on and off switch for the deformation chains. It is used when building multi-pose (multiple deformation chains) rigs. the Transformation-Switch can also be used with other node types than Deformation nodes. It can be used with any transformation nodes such as Peg and Quadmap nodes.

Refer to the following example to connect this effect:

The Transformation-Switch replaces the Deformation-Switch node.


Parameter Description

Allows you to enable or disable the node. When disabled, a node has no visible effect on the rendered image, nor on the preview in the Camera, Perspective, Side and Top views.

Colour Swatch

Sets the colour of the layer in the Timeline view and of the node in the Node view.

Name Use this field to rename the node.
Element Columns

Full Name: Select which element to connect to the node from the list of elements that already exist in your scene.

Drawing Path: Displays the full path to the current drawing.

Timing Columns

Name: Path to the file you want to link to.

Timing Column: Link to the column that contains the desired timing.

Extension: When linking to a background file, enter its file name extension.

Field Chart: If you are importing traditional animation, select the size of the paper on which the animation was drawn.

Transformation Names List the drawing names associated to each transformation chain. You can enter additional drawings and separate the names with semi-colons (;).