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Render Maya Batch Node

This node uses the script renderMayaBatch();

This script starts a Maya Batch session, renders the 3D elements on that frame, and then closes the session. It will open and close the session for every frame to be rendered.

Refer to the following example to connect this effect:


Parameter Description
Name Use this field to rename the node.


Specify the rendering engine to use. The following engines are supported:

  • renderMan (or 'reyes')
  • 'renderManRIS' (or 'RIS')
  • 'arnold'
  • 'mentalRay'
  • 'mayaSoftware' (or 'maya')
NOTE: The other tabs in the Maya Batch Render node properties are the standard tabs for a Script node. This is because the Maya Batch Render node is just a Script node set up to execute renderMayaBatch();. For more information, see Script Node.