Import 3D Models Dialog Box

Use the Import 3D Models dialog box to import 3D models into Harmony.

Parameter Description



Lets you locate and select 3D model file formats from a location on your computer or a location accessible from your computer (network, server, etc.).


Create Layers(s)

This option is selected by default. A new layer will be created for the selected 3D model files for the import. You have two choices:

Create Single Layer Named

Creates a new layer for your 3D model that you can name. Name the new layer immediately by entering a name into the provided field.

Create Layer(s) Based on Filenames

Creates a layer based on each unique filename prefix. For example, the filenames a-1.obj, a-2.obj and b-1.obj will create layers named "a" and "b", where "a" has two 3D models and "b" has one. When creating a single layer from these three filenames, all three models will be imported to the new layer.

Add to Existing Layer

Imports the selected files to an existing layer in the scene. Once this option is selected the adjacent drop-down list becomes active. Select an existing layer name from the drop-down list. Note that if you select a vector layer, it will encapsulate the 3D model inside a symbol.


Convert to FBX format

  • Select this option if your file isn't already a *.fbx file and you would like it to be. This format incorporates all associated files, such as the texture files.